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Workshop / Camp Name
Under performer to Performer Group Sessions - for Badminton Players
Start date
June 26 2012
Last date
June 28 2012
Event / Workshop Start Time
6:00 PM
Event Workshop End Time
8:00 PM
ALTIUS - Centre for Excellence
Event Type
Group Sessions
Start Age Group
End Age Group
Workshop / Camp Description
“Under/non performer to Performer” group sessions for badminton players. The objective is to help athletes in their effort to achieve peak performance. The sessions would deal with the most important psychological aspects of a players game like concentration, and pressure handling. It has been seen that there is much discrepancy in the level at which an athlete performs in a practice session and during a match or competition. The main reason for such a differential performance levels of the same individual in practice
vis-√†-vis actual competition is lack of psychological / mental preparation. The group sessions are about improving players’ ability to stay calm under pressure and focus on the strategy to perform their best The group sessions will help athletes:

1. Improve focus and deal with distraction
2. Develop Coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors.
4. Find the right zone of intensity for your sport
5. Identify and enter the “zone” more often

Address (Venue)
ALTIUS - Centre for Excellence M-51, Basement Kalkaji
New Delhi
Contact Person
Madhuli Kulkarni

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