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  • Why Mind Games:

Mind Games is a program for sportspersons. It's objective is to help athletes in their effort to achieve
peak performance. We, at Mind Games, work with the psychological aspects of the player. It has been
seen that there is much discrepancy in the level at which an athlete performs in a practice session and during
a match or competition. Here are a few examples.

Scene I: 'R', a 13 year old Table Tennis Player. R performs much better in practice than during competition.
His practice game is flawless, but in competition his performance is below par. He feels free and loose in 
practice and then is plagued with doubts or indecision in the competitive arena. Something changes between 
practice and competition.

Scene II: 'M', a 20 year old athlete. After an injury she has physically 100 % recovered, but she can’t 
perform the way she did pre-injury. She is afraid of re-injury and this causes her to play tentatively. She has
lost her confidence and wonders if she can return to previous performance levels pre-injury.

Scene III: 'A', a 15 year old cricketer- batsman loses focus and has mental lapses during critical times of the
game. When up to bat while chasing for a higher target, with 4 out and the game unchanging, has pressure to
produce runs for his coach, teammates and for himself. He commits simple errors that he wouldn’t normally
do in other less threatening situations.

The main reason for such a differential performance levels of the same individual in practice vis-à-vis actual 
competition is lack of psychological / mental preparation. Mind Games helps in bridging this divide and
enables athletes improve their performances on a sustained and consistent basis. We do this through regular
individual and group counseling sessions, camps, simulated competition sessions at practice. Mind Games is
about improving players’ attitude and mental game skills to help players perform their best by identifying
limiting beliefs and embracing a healthier philosophy about their sport.

  • Mind Games Strives To :

1. Improve focus and deal with distraction
2. Induce confidence growth in athletes who have doubts
3. Develop Coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors.
4. Find the right zone of intensity for your sport
5. Help teams develop communication skills and cohesion
6. Instill a healthy belief system and identify irrational thoughts
7. Improve or balance motivation for optimal performance
8. Develop confidence post-injury
9. Develop game specific strategies and game plans
10.Identify and enter the “zone” more often

  • We Work With:

 We work with players across all levels of sports – viz from Club, District, State, National and International
levels. Participating players in the program come from varied discipline of sports arena such as Table tennis, 
Badminton, Chess, Swimming, Gymnastics, Athletics, Volleyball, Judo, Karate, Squash and Cricket.

The program design is customized to cater to the requirements of both “Individual” and “Team” sports. We
have worked with more than 500 players so far across all levels and disciplines of sports. It’s not just the 
number that denotes the phenomenal response that we have got but the titles, records and contributions that
our players have made to their respective sports, that makes it even more special. The success of the program
is evident from the sterling performances of our players at various events – from district level to international 

We plan to reach out to even more players and clubs. New programs for Coaches and Parents are on the
anvil, to be launched soon, as these are the strong supporting units for the players and critical in a players 
success. By taking these small steps and having a well planned program designed to cater to all aspects of 
mental training of a player improve his/her performance and excel in their respective sport, we hope that within
next few years we would contribute in developing more world class players winning medals at the prestigious
sports events.
To read articles on sports mental training http://mygamemypsychology.blogspot.in/

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